About Us

Founded by Dr. Andy Wolff, DMD and Mr. Ben Z. Beiski in 2007, IntelliDrug is a privately held company.

2007- IntelliDrug began as a research project financed by the European Commission in which the first prototype of the intraoral drug delivery device was developed. The intent was to create an intraoral appliance with a drug reservoir as a controlled non-invasive method of taking medication. A prototype was successfully assessed in animals and humans in a series of trials. These trials demonstrated a 25-fold increase in bioavailability of the anti-addiction medication naltrexone.

2009- After the successful completion of its research project, IntelliDrug continued directly into another Europe-sponsored project called “HELP” for the further development of the intraoral drug delivery device to treat Parkinson’s disease. A prototype was successfully tested in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

In 2013, IntelliDrug and long-time collaborating research institute HSG-IMIT from Germany received approval for the Eureka-funded project OPTIMED-Intraoral Device for Optimal Medication Delivery. The project includes a clinical trial for Parkinson’s patients.

IntelliDrug has partnered with top clinical and scientific institutions to validate and prove its clinical viability and continues on its path to make the device commercially available for patients worldwide.